Our offers are presented on our website and in the Ykköset! paper. New offers are published on our website every Wednesday when the store closes.

Department Store

Our Department Store is a shopping paradise for the whole family, with a selection of over 250,000 different products. Finland’s best-thought-out selection has been developed according to our customers’ wishes. We sell all the most desired Finnish and international top brands.

Food Market

Our Food Market is the top shopping destination for families when it’s time to buy groceries. Our excellent offers attract people from all over, and our large selection makes it easy for you to get everything you need from everyday groceries to party supplies.

Garden Centre

Our Garden Centre serves customers during the summer season. Its selection includes seedlings and flowers – our selection includes all the most common plants, lovely novelties, and some specialities as well.

Market Street

The Market Street runs through the Kyläkauppa area, connecting the services on opposite sides and enabling all shopping from one parking spot.

Photo Service

Our Photo Service is located next to the Hotel OnnenTähti reception, on the Food Market side of the Market Street.

OnnenTuotteet Products

A vast selection of our own products, exclusively from Kyläkauppa. These make excellent gifts!


Kyläkauppa is Finland’s largest shopping paradise. The Department Store’s selection alone includes over 250,000 different products.