Help and Info Desk

The Info Desk serves you on the Market Street in accordance with Kyläkauppa’s opening hours. Post office and Veikkaus services are also available at the Info Desk.

Printed maps are available at Kyläkauppa, and they are available in a digital format here.

There are various day trips available for groups.

Automatic parcel terminals

Posti and Lehtipiste parcel terminals are located on the Department Store side of the Market Street, across from the restaurants.

Lockers and lost property

Lockable lockers are available on the Market Street.

Lost property can be enquired from the Info Desk and Hotel OnnenTähti Reception.

Means of payment

At Kyläkauppa you can pay with cash, Visa and Mastercard Credit/Debit cards, American Express, Diners Club, and Visa Electron. In the restaurants, you can also pay with the Edenred Ticket lunch card (

ATMs are located on the Department Store side of the Market Street (near the Department Store checkouts, next to Keskisen Kello Oy) and in the adjacent Nahkapaikka building next to the Osuuspankki and Nahkapaikka entrance.

Would you like to be invoiced or pay in installments? Read more here.

Electric car charging stations

Kyläkauppa supports electric driving by offering free charging stations for its customers. The charging stations are cordless, which means that the customers must have their own cables with them. Kyläkauppa’s charging stations are fitted with Keba Type 2 connections which fit all electric cars used in Finland. The charging power is 22kW, which means that with one-hour charging you can drive for up to 100km. Of the four charging stations in the Kyläkauppa area, two are near Hotel OnnenTähti, and two are at the Department Store parking lot. There are also (paid) charging stations in front of Osuuspankki.

Charging plugs and WiFi

Charging plugs are available in Kyläkauppa restaurants and cafes. Kyläkauppa’s free WiFi network is named Freedom.


The restrooms are on the Market Street, by the Department Store’s blue entrance and near the Miljoona Rock Restaurant at the Food Market.

There are also restrooms in the Department Store’s detergent department.


We want to enable unimpeded movement for disabled people as well as people with baby carriages. On our wide corridors and aisles, it is easy to move, and there are also accessible toilets at all restrooms. Customer wheelchairs and walkers are available for borrowing free of charge at the Info Desk. There are also wheelchairs at the Hotel OnnenTähti reception.


Contact detail stickers are available for children at the Info Desk. The restrooms also include comfortable and spacious nursing rooms.

Hotel OnnenTähti includes a playroom for children, and at the Caravan Site Onnela, children can spend time at the playground and use pedal cars available for rent. Kyläkauppa offers versatile activities for children, such as Riemu Park, AKU PARK, and the Moomin Playground. Read more here.


Small dogs that stay in their own bags or carriers, or in the shopping cart on their own mattress are welcome to Kyläkauppa. Large dogs (walking on their own feet) are not allowed inside. Dogs of any size are not allowed in the Food Market or the restaurant areas. Service and guide dogs are allowed anywhere.

Dog lockers are available in the yard on the Food Market side, near the blue entrance, and at the Caravan Site Onnela. You can pick up keys for the dog locker by leaving your personal details at the Hotel OnnenTähti reception, the Info Desk, or at the Caravan Site Onnela’s reception. There is a dog park in Onnela.

Pets are also allowed in some of the Hotel OnnenTähti rooms.


Reverse vending machines for recycling bottles and cans are available at the end of the Market Street, on the Food Market side. Next to the machines, there is also a sorting station for phones, inc cartridges, batteries, light bulbs, electrical appliances, and fluorescent tubes.

There is a Rinki waste reception station outside of the building, near the Food Market. The station accepts carton, glass, metal, and paper.

Shopping carts

At Kyläkauppa, shopping carts are freely available for use, without any tokens. After your shopping round, you don’t have to take the cart back; you can leave it in the shelters at the parking lots.

The cart managing staff makes sure that carts and baskets are always available for our customers. The carts are collected from the yard and brought back inside with a special forklift and a shopping cart pusher robot.