OnnenTuotteet Products

Enjoyable moments

You can, of course, enjoy all Kyläkauppa confectionery products by yourself, but they are also very popular gifts. Our product selection also includes savoury treats.

The OnnenTähti milk chocolate is Kyläkauppa’s most sold product.


Kyläkauppa’s own product selection also makes cooking tastier. For instance, our cold-pressed canola oils are suitable for all cooking and baking and can be used as a salad dressing base, and our flavoured oils can be used as salad dressings on their own.

Kyläkauppa’s own beverages combine quality, taste, and professionalism. Our products are excellent for the home and as gifts.

Home decoration

With Kyläkauppa products, you can easily create a stylish atmosphere in your home. They also make excellent gifts.


The Kyläkauppa product range also include various T-shirts and accessories which also make great gifts.

OnnenTuotteet Products

There are many exclusive Kyläkauppa products, and our selection keeps growing.