Moomin Playground

Finland’s biggest Moomin playground in the front yard of Kyläkauppa’s Department Store is free and open every day year-round.

The centrepiece of the Moominvalley is of course the gorgeous Moomihouse. In the Moominhouse slide, you can experience the thrill of speed, and you can climb to the attic using the rope net or climbing wall. In the yard, you can sit on Little My’s spring rocker together with a friend or slide from Moominpappa’s shed to the seashore. At sea, you can sail on a boat or a raft while Moominpappa is fishing. If you feel tired, you can rest for a while on Moominpappa’s hammock. From the Observatory on the Lonely Mountains, you can see far away beyond the seas. At the Observatory, you can look at the stars, view the dangers of space, and look out for the Groke living on the mountainside. The Groke roams around the hills and howls in the night. From the tower, you can also see Snufkin camping on the banks of the river that flows through Moominvalley. On the Hattifatteners’ Island, there is an area dedicated to smaller children, who can sail there on a small boat.

The Moomin Park is divided into four areas in accordance with the Moominvalley stories.

  • Moominvalley: The Moominhouse and Little My’s spring rocker.
  • Seashore: Moominboat, Moominraft and Moominpappa’s spring rocker.
  • Lonely Mountains: Snufkin’s spring rocker, Snufkin’s tent, the Groke’s climbing wall, and the
  • Hattifatteners’ Island: Moomintroll’s spring rocker, Small Moominboat, Moomin sandbox, Moomin slide, and Little My’s spring rocker.
  • The park also includes: Moomin hill slide, Thingumy and Bob’s spring rocker, Hammock, Moomin swings, and the Cloud swing.