The golden OnnenKenkä (LuckyShoe) monument greets approaching visitors from far away from its majestic height.


The padlocks attached to the railings of OnnenSilta (Lucky Bridge) symbolize committed love relationships. Couples committed to each other for life attach love locks with their names on them on bridge railings around the world, also in Tuuri.

The bridge connects the parking lots on both sides of the Tuurinjoki river.

Kyläkauppa statues

The beautiful OnnenEnkeli angel statue rising to a height of over three metres protects everyone coming to Kyläkauppa with its wings. The angel is holding a unicorn’s lucky shoe whose position symbolises its sincere will to share good fortune to everyone, according to the local OnnenKylä (Lucky Vllage) story.

On the Market Street, you can admire a replica of Michelangelo’s David, which is regarded as the most magnificent statue in the world.

Kyläkauppa cars

Some of the cars owned by the merchant Vesa Keskinen, known as an avid car enthusiast, can be seen around Kyläkauppa.

Moomin collection

Tove Jansson’s beloved Moomin characters have been a part of Finnish life since the late 1950s. Today there are Moomin fans, children and adults alike, around the world. Of the Moomin products, especially Arabia’s Moomin mugs are sought-after collectables.

The Moomin collection in the Department Store’s household product department includes all the Moomin mugs and bowls manufactured so far. The collection increases all the time, because new mugs and bowls are added when they are launched.

Coffee cup collection

This collection includes ca. 260 coffee cups. Most of them are Arabia’s older production, but the collection also includes some newer models and beautiful cups from around the world. This nostalgic collection is full of memories – it may include cups from your own childhood.

This gorgeous coffee cup collection by a private collector is on display by the red entrance on the Market Street.

Arabia milk jugs

The collection created by collector Kauko Välimäki and nowadays owned by the town of Alavus is now on public display in a single location. Prior to this, the collection was divided into four different places in Alavus. As people were interested in this collection, the town decided to bring it together in one place, and at Kyläkauppa the items are easily reached by tourists.

The Story of the Finnish Markka

This is by far the largest collection of Finnish money from 1860 to 2002 on display. In addition to Markka coins and bills, the collections includes Finnish gold coins from 1963 to 2001, Olympic Coins, the Silver Treasure and Gold Treasure medals depicting important historic events in Finland, and the silver jubilee coins struck after the currency reform. The exhibition also displays money from the eras of Swedish and Russian rule in Finland. The exhibition is located at the Wanhanajan Kahvila café.

Nokia collection

At the entertainment and electronics department, you can see a piece of the history of Finnish communications: Nokia mobile phones from over the years. The collection includes something interesting for everyone – for parents, these phones are very nostalgic, and the young will have fun when comparing the old phones to modern technology.

The Back Room

The cafe displays the horse carriage and chest used by the founder of Kyläkauppa, Toivo Keskinen, during his times as a travelling salesman. There is also a popular display of a large collection of various old-time commodities from the store.

Million pennies

“Many pennies make a million.”

The world’s largest coin collection is on display at Wanhanajan Kahvila.

Lego miniature model

On the Food Market side of the Market Street, you can see a unique and gorgeous Lego miniature model of the facade of Hotel OnnenTähti. This creation, produced by Topi Haapanen from Porvoo, required over a hundred hours of work and a huge number of Lego bricks. The Lego Group provided the bricks for this miniature model.

The measurements are in proportion to a Lego figure. Using this scale of 1:48, the total width of the OnnenTähti miniature model is 498.5cm and height 52.6cm.

Other things to see

The Kyläkauppa area is full of things to see, offering something for the whole family.