Wanhanajan Kahvila

Wanhanajan Kahvila is a nostalgic cafe which serves you in the spot where Kyläkauppa started its business in the current location in 1969. Whether you want to take a break from shopping or meet some friends, this atmospheric cafe is a great place to sit down and enjoy your coffee in a beautiful setting. In addition to a peaceful atmosphere, you can enjoy mouth-watering sweet and savoury treats and Kyläkauppa’s own OnnenTähti coffee with a fine aroma and abundant flavour.

The cafe displays a horse carriage and chest used by the founder of Kyläkauppa, Toivo Keskinen, during his time as a travelling salesman. There is also a popular display of a large collection of various old-time commodities from the store.

While visiting the cafe, you can also see an exhibition of the Finnish markka. It is by far the largest collection of Finnish money from 1860 to 2002 on display anywhere in Finland.

In summertime, there is a terrace in front of the cafe, where you can look at the bustle around Kyläkauppa while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The last call comes 30 minutes before closing time.

Opening hours