OnnenKivi Restaurant

There are two main course options, a warm vegetable side dish and two accompaniment options (potatoes/rice/pasta), and four salad options every day. There is also a separate children’s lunch option (e.g. sausages, meatballs, or nuggets). The children’s meals also include an ice cream for dessert. Customers can buy refreshments and alcoholic beverages from the cashier.

The unique OnnenKivi Restaurant which offers delicious home cooking has been serving customers at the Department Store since 1997. This licensed restaurant serves you on two floors with a total of 500 seats, and in summer you can also sit at the terrace.

In last two decades, the restaurant’s look has been modernized several times. The original spirit and style can still be seen in the restaurant’s thick stone walls and interior decoration.

Our lunch is traditional Finnish home cooking, and we prefer Finnish suppliers and local food. We only use Finnish meat at OnnenKivi, as in all of our restaurants. There is always also a vegetarian lunch option, and every week we also offer international flavours from around the world.

A piece of Tuuri’s history

The story of the OnnenKivi Restaurant is closely connected to the history of the Tuuri village. An impressive stone cowshed, quarried from the local bedrock with strong craftmanship, had stood on the Tuuri village road, next to the main road, since 1908. In 1995, the cowshed was not being used anymore and its roof structures were run-down, which is when it was bought by Kyläkauppa.

The cowshed’s stones were transferred next to the Kyläkauppa facade, and from them, one of the most unique restaurants in Finland was built. Kyläkauppa started to become a tourist attraction – the era of red corrugated iron in Finnish construction ended with OnnenKivi.

The restaurant’s official opening was celebrated on 4 April 1997. Then, as today, OnnenKivi’s most important mission was to serve customers as a dining place for the whole family. For over two decades, it has been known for its delicious food, abundant dishes, and friendly service. Our principle is that no one leaves the table hungry.


From the beginning, the upstairs room with its parquet floor has been used as a dance hall for afternoon dances. The second floor is also a popular location for organizing family events.

Lunch menu

Maanantaiuunimakkara L, G
ruskea sipulikastike L, G
mantelikala L
kasvissosekeitto L, G
Tiistaicurry-kanapata L, G
kaalilaatikko L, G
tomaattikeitto L, G
Keskiviikkomaksakastike L, G
yrttinen kanakiusaus L, G
kahden kalan keitto L, G
Torstaikuorrutetut makkarapihvit L, G
pippurikastike L, G
kanapastavuoka L
hernekeitto M, G
Perjantaitomaattinen makkarakastike L, G
kalaa bordelaise L, G
pinaattikeitto L, G
Lauantaitalon lihapata L, G
persilja-valkosipulikanaa L, G
samettinen bataattikeitto L, G
Sunnuntaihirvenlihakastike L, G
kalaleike L
tilli-hollandaisekastike L, G
porkkanasosekeitto L, G

Joka päivä tarjolla myös kasvislounasvaihtoehto.

Aikuiset 11,90 €, lapset 8-12 vuotta 7,90 €, 3-7 vuotta 5,90 € ja alle 3-vuotiaat ilmaiseksi ruokailevan aikuisen seurassa.
(sis. noutopöydästä salaatit, keitto, lämmin ruoka, leivät, levite, ruokajuomat ja jälkiruokakahvi)
Keitto 7,90 €
Salaatti 7,90 €
Keitto + salaatti 8,90 €
(sis. noutopöydästä salaatit, leivät, levite, ruokajuomat ja jälkiruokakahvi)

Pidätämme kaikki oikeudet mahdollisiin muutoksiin.

Suurien ryhmien (yli 30 henkilöä) kannattaa ilmoittaa ravintolaan tulosta etukäteen, jotta voimme taata sujuvan ruokailun. Ravintola OnnenKivi p. 010 770 7300.

Myynti loppuu puoli tuntia ennen sulkemisaikaa.

Opening hours

Monday10:30 – 15:00
Tuesday10:30 – 15:00
Wednesday10:30 – 15:00
Thursday10:30 – 15:00
Friday10:30 – 15:00
Saturday10:30 – 16:00
Sunday10:30 – 15:00